Publishing Policy

We at Designlabel try to provide maximum quality content and try to be a useful online resource for design community, and to achieve highest level of quality we have defined certain rules and guidelines for editorial staff. These rules get regularly updated.

  1. NO PR : We do not publish any sponsored articles or paid content.
  2. Every article published here is honestly written by author without any influence or pressure from us or anyone.
  3. There are no hidden advertisements in our content. Though we use online advertisements as our mode of monetization, we make them pretty clear to our readers. So you won’t find any hidden advertisements in our content.
  4. Advertisers/Sponsors or any other 3rd party has no control over our editorial interests.
  5. We don’t entertain any paid backlink requests
  6. We take plagiarism very seriously. We will never publish or link-to anything that infringes copyright laws.