Photoshop brushes comes handy in graphic design. Here we have selected some quality photoshop brush sets for you. This list contains some cool abstract, drawing, fractals, grunge, swirls, ornaments and nature photoshop brushes.

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Liked that login modal window on Digg ? Want to incorporate something like that in your next project ? Then this article will be helpful for you. Javascript modal dialog boxes/windows can be used in any type of project from your personal website to e-commerce website or to just spice up user interface of your web app. These can significantly improve user experience. Designers seem to like using modal windows more and more, as they provide a quick way to show data without reloading the entire page.

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If you use a email account then most probably you know what HTML emails are. It is like subset of conventional email format which supports better formatting options unlike plain text email.

Most of online business choose html emails as a way to communicate with customers in form of newsletters. Designed HTML emails are not just a pretty appearence of information but for some companies its a part of their marketing and branding. Unlike website design, designing HTML emails and making sure it’s deliverability is more complex due to poor standards support by numerous email clients both web based and desktop application based. Poor CSS and semantic code support are some of the main problems.

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Movable Type Tutorials and Resources

MovableType Links

There are numerous blogging platform out there like wordpress, mephisto, expression engine etc. Movable Type is one of that category blogging platform initially developed by Six Apart the project is now opensource (GNU General Public License) . The main features of this blogging platform are multiple blogs, static as well as dynamic publishing features, user role management, customizable templates, categories and sub categories.

The static publishing features of Movable type makes it easy to use as content management system for other types of website apart from blogs. It requires both perl and php platform for full features compatibility. As for database it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQlite.

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Pixelart – Pixel Patterns And Fonts Resources

Pixelart Freebies

Pixel art patterns are new trend in digital art. It can add detail to otherwise plain art. So we collected resources that will get you going. Resources include patterns and pixel fonts that you can use in your artworks.

Squidfingers Patterns

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30+ E-commerce Websites For Inspiration

E-Commerce Webdesign Showcase

E-commerce websites are more complex than static websites or blogs. Here we have collected 30+ e-commerce websites which are nicely designed and can be source of inspiration for web-designers and developers working on such type of projects.

They can draw some of design ideas from here. Though there is big difference between inspiration and design plagiarism that we highly discourage. Be creative and experimental.
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