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Movable Type Tutorials and Resources

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There are numerous blogging platform out there like wordpress, mephisto, expression engine etc. Movable Type is one of that category blogging platform initially developed by Six Apart the project is now opensource (GNU General Public License) . The main features of this blogging platform are multiple blogs, static as well as dynamic publishing features, user role management, customizable templates, categories and sub categories.

The static publishing features of Movable type makes it easy to use as content management system for other types of website apart from blogs. It requires both perl and php platform for full features compatibility. As for database it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQlite.

Official Resources

Official Forums

Official Wiki

Documentation for latest versions


Movable Type 4 installation step by step with screenshots

Here is a clear and easy to follow movable type (version 4) installation guide with screenshots

Designer’s Guide to Movable Type

Movable Type Developer Guide

Movable Type Administrator’s Guide

Collating and displaying content from multiple sources using Movable Type


Movable Type 4.1 – A users guide (Video)


A step-by-step guide to using the new Movable Type platform

Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam

Style Generators

Movable Type Design Assistant

Movable Type Design Assistant

Style generator for movable type

This wizard let’s you customize the look of layouts for Movable Type. It is good for customizing color scheme.

Style Generator

Tutorials and tips

Learning Movable Type

A website dedicated website to tutorials and tips on movable type platform

Learning Movable Type

Get Started With Movable Type

Get Started with Movable Type

Working with Movable Type 4.0 Templates: Sidebar

Movable Template

MTTags A Handy Reference For Movable Type Template Tags

Movable Type tags

Alternating Comment Styles with Movable Type 4


An Introduction to Movable Type Templates

Things to Consider When Using Movable Type as a CMS

Keep a Featured Post at the Top of Your MT Blog

Featured Post

Anatomy of a Movable Type Template

Enhance Search Results with Thumbnails

MT Hacks

Another website on Movable Type Hacks, Plugins, and Tips. Requires free registration for downloading some plugins.

Movable Tweak

Movable Type Template Tag Reference

Tags Information

Template Tags are used by designers to customize the look and feel of their blog and web site.

Eat drink sleep Movable Type – Tutorials website on movable type platform.

Adding reCAPTCHA to Movable Type


Showcase / Gallery


A gallery of interesting and beutiful websites powered by movable type. Some of the big websites like Huffingston Post and use movable type. Websites can be submitted to this gallery here.

Movable Love

Official Movable Type websites gallery

This is official gallery of websites that use movable type.

Movable Type Cheatsheets

Movable Type Cheatsheet (PDF)

Movable Type Cheatsheet

Movable Type template map (PDF)


Movable Type plugins

TypePad AntiSpam

TypePad AntiSpam is a valuable new free tool in the fight against comment spam. Developed by Six Apart, TypePad AntiSpam blocks comment spam to improve the quality of your blog conversations and for the good of the blogosphere.


As name says it allows pagination of blog posts.

FCKeditor Replace default HTML editor with FCKeditor.

Comment Subscribe

Comment Subscribe allows subscription of comments through email. Thus helping in increasing users participation.

Template Shelf

Template Shelf is a plugin that every serious designer and site administrator should have. This plugin makes navigating between and editing your site’s templates a breeze by installing a simple plugin that sits in your template editing screens sidebar.


CustomFields, the aptly named plugin, brings custom fields to Movable Type’s entries, authors and categories offering the ability to create text fields, multi-line textareas, drop down menus, radio buttons, url and date/time fields (complete with a pop up calendar).


View your Google Analytics data in the MT dashboard.

FriendFeed Comments

FriendFeed Comments is a plugin for Movable Type that enables you to import and display comments made.

iPhone Interface for Movable Type

This plugin automatically provides a customized and specially designed user interface for Movable Type 4.0 users accessing their Movable Type installation via their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Comparison with other platforms

MovableType 4 vs. WordPress 2.2

Comparison of movable type with wordpress.

Movable Type 3 vs. Movable Type 4: A Modular Site Approach