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Best Typography Links From Around The World

Typography Resources

Typography plays major role in designing effective visual communications be it in digital videos, websites or print media. The importance of typography can be well understood from notion that web design is 95% typography.

In this article we have collected all the informative places on typography topic. This article is sub divided into more specific topics like webtypography, typography in print media etc. Please feel free to suggest any new link in comments.

Web typography

(1) Lets start with sitepoint’s article on Anatomy of web fonts

(2) How to size text in css article by Richard Rutter on Alistapart is just one of many good articles written on typography topic.

(3) The study of effect of website typeface appropriateness on the perception of a company’s ethos by A. Dawn Shaikh shows us that typefaces that are high in appropriateness should be used for websites. Neutral and low appropriate typefaces significantly decreased the perception of the company as judged by professionalism, believability, trust, and intent to act on the site.

(4) A practical guide to web typography shows tips and tricks to improve webtypography with example css stylesheet code sniplets. Must read for pixel perfectionists.

(5) Five simple steps to better typography by Mark Boulton

(6) This styles guide on usabletype covers the basics of good typography on the web, explaining theory behind font choices, and the details of providing accessible and good looking text.

(7) How to size text using ems

(8) An introduction to font families will teach you how to identify different type of fonts.

(9) Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents list comes handy when choosing typeface for web design.

(10) sIFR lets you use your favorite font on your websites by cleverly working with Flash, JavaScript and CSS.

Typography in advertising and brand identity

This online Corporate Identity Catalogue is a nice place to browse for information on fonts, colors used in different logos. It shows information like logo designer, year of design, codes of colors used, name of font used etc.

Typography and Web Advertising

Newspagedesigner shows editorial designs from different print media.

Typography inspiration

A virtual museum of typography

Inspiredology 5 top typography resources

Here is list of various flickr groups on typography.

  1. Street type
  2. Spam One-liners
  3. Typeface Identification
  4. Wood Type
  5. Typography and Lettering
  6. Chromeography
  7. Helvetica
  8. TypeCon
  9. Fonts in Use
  10. Typophile
  11. Japanese Typography
  12. Urban Typography

Typography tips and techniques

The making of Champion Script Pro

A nice article about relation of color and typography on Colourlovers.

Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text.

Classification of Type

15 Tips to choose good text type

AIGA – Learn about fair use of fonts (PDF)

Vector drawing mistakes

Typography tools and management

In this section you will find softwares for easy management of your font portfolio. These softwares include font viewers, font management software, font information gathering.

Linotype FontExplorer X is a font management software available freely for windows and mac platforms. It includes integrated online store for buying fonts. It shows detailed information about fonts.

Download Windows version | Download Mac version

Avefontbook is a simple font viewer for windows platform

Font Constructor is a tool for students to research the basic construction of an alphabet. The application allows them to play with elements constructing their own “typeface”. By doing so, they learn that there is a relationship between several shapes in an alphabet and how they refer to each other.”

Identifying a font

What the font


Blogs and magazines about typography

(1) Free Downloadable magazine in pdf format from typeology.

(2) Creative Characters monthly newsletter on typography.

(3) Typographica is a journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.

(4) TypeNeu is a social platform and source of inspiration for all you typophiles out there.

(5) Blog of TypeOff Dan Reynolds, typeface designer.

(6) I love typography Blog

(7) Ralf Herrmann’s Typography Weblog

(8) acejet170’s blog about typography.

(9) Typies

(10) Spieker blog (German)

(11) Slanted a deutsche weblog and magazine on typography (Deutsche language)

for typophiles only

  • Meek FM is an interpretation of type as sound. Using new software and the M.E.E.K. typographic synthesizer, the musician/designer develops sounds and typographic visuals in parallel.
  • Harmonie Interieure got big typography stickers for your rooms.
  • How about showing your message using random flickr image for each alphabet, sounds cool eh..? That’s exactly what this site does.
  • Last resort Font
  • Typorganism

  • Nicewebtype is a gallery of nice web typography
  • Typographica’s list of favorite font list for the year 2004 2005 2006 2007

Websites offering free fonts to download

  1. Abstract Fonts – There are about more than 11000 fonts on abstract fonts to download. This website uses ajax that makes it more easier to browse fonts.
  2. Font Leech
  3. Da Font
  4. Fawnt
  5. Fontfox
  6. Simplythebest