7 Best of Mac Apps for Writing and Publishing an Ebook

Ebook Writing Tools

E-books are one of the major passive income sources for some authors and experts. You can share your expertise knowledge by writing and self-publishing your ebook to major online bookstores. Which can turn into a good source of income given that your ebook is good.

Ebooks with your name on it also can be impressive on your resume. It can help you position yourself as an expert in your field. Even if you decided to give away your ebook for free, it will help to get word about you out there. It is not-so-secret weapon of content marketers.

So here we have collected some of the best ebook writing and publishing apps for Mac OS available right now, that you can use to plan & create your next ebook.

iBooks Author (FREE)

This software by Apple is very straight-forward application, that lets you create and publish beautiful ebooks for iPad and Mac. It also allows you to include interactive media into books. Using iBooks it is very easy to publish your ebook on App Store.
Feature-wise iBooks Author lets you export your completed book to pdf as well as good old plain text albeit without images and other media stuff. iBooks interface is really similar to that of iPages, another desktop publishing app by Apple.

Apple Pages ($19.99)

Apple Pages app can be used to create and publish ebook. It lets you export your ebook to ePub format for publishing. User interface is really easy to get used to.

Adobe InDesign

Really expensive app from Adobe (Shocker), but is industry standard app desktop publishing. It is feature rich application that can create ebook of just any kind. But this comes at a price of having steep learning curve.

Evernote (FREE)

Evernote is indispensable tool for collecting information, think of it as your notebook where you can collect bits and pieces for your research. While this app is not required for publishing but it is important one when writing.


Another great tool for writing ebook. Scrivener allows you to structure and revise your text easily. If you struggle with order of text than this app is made just for you. It allows you to export to epub, mobi, rtf, doc, docx, pdf, html file formats too, which comes real handy when publishing to online book marketplaces.

Vellum (Minimum $29.99)

Vellum is ePub generator plus editor, which means you can use text created in other format to create ePub books, or you can use this app to write one from scratch.

Omm Writer (Minimum $5.11)

It is distraction free text editor that allows you to focus on just writing.