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6 Handy Photoshop Tutorials

Simple Photoshop Tutorials

In this post we have collected 6 detailed quality tutorials for adobe photoshop. From designing craters to doing dreamy wallpapers it’s all in here. We have picked these tutorials for various reasons like quality, usefullness, and portability (PDF Files). We hope you will like these tutorials. If you know more such quality tutorials please tell us about it.

Travel Series Wallpaper Tutorial by Petercui

Tutorial for desiging dreamy wallpapers. The download file contains 5 photoshop sample files, a 78 page pdf file. Total size of download is 13.6mb .

Tutorial – Desiging Craters by Baro

A Tutorial on how to create Craters on planets. Good for designing spaceart wallpapers etc. Size of PDF file is 1.15mb and is 8 pages long.

Digital Illustration Tutorial by MadPotato

In this tutorial you will learn about creating and colorizing a textured background, creating a custom brush-style, smudge tool and displace filter, optimizing color curves.The size of PDF file is 1.9mb.

Vectors with a lacing of 3D by Madpotato

Though this tutorial involves vectors and 3d-editing but you can skip that and use photoshop tricks only.Size of PDF file is 2.7mb

Photoshop Beauty Tutorial by Zoffie

This tutorial shows how we can utilize power of photoshop to make persons in images look good. Download file contains JPG file.

Complete Photoshop Brush Guide by Nokari

All you need to know about brushes in photoshop is in this detailed tutorial. Download file contains 4 JPG’s and size is 3.4mb. It comes handy when working with brushes.