12 Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers – 2015 Edition

Time Management Tools

As a freelancer it’s extremely important to keep track of your time, not only for billable hours but for analyzing on what is eating your precious time. Tracking your time will help you make decisions that can result in more income and productivity.

There are mainly three types of time tracking tools available in market, these are web apps (Software as Service), mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows), desktop software applications (Mac, Windows, Linux) and also there is option of pen & paper.

It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, designer or professional writer, you should start tracking your time right away. Here are 12 of the best time tracking tools available for freelancers and creative professionals. Get productive.



Rescue Time ( Mac / Windows / Android / Linux ) ( Both free & paid plans )

RescueTime automatically tracks time spent on websites and or applications using background running program on your computer and mobile devices. There is free plan available that allows you to set goals, track time spent on websites and software and will also send a weekly email report. As for premium plan it is priced at $9/month or $72 per year (which means 4 months free). Premium account enables you to track time away from computer, get alerts on goals achievement, block distracting websites, keep a log and get detailed reports and filters.


Toggle ( Mac / Windows / Linux / Android / iOS ) ( $5/month/user )
Toggle is simple yet versatile time tracking option for freelancers. Features include one click tracking, online & offline modes, keyboard shortcuts, teamwork functions, API.


Timely App ( Web / iOS )
Timely is scheduling and time tracking app with nice calendar based interface that allows you to quickly track time and schedule time in advance to your different projects. It’s free plan allows creating 1 user and 3 projects and paid plans start from $14/month to 199/month.


Freckle ( Web / Mac / iPhone ) ( Starts from $19/month/user )
It’s nicely designed interface makes it very easy to do time-tracking. It offers features like : Unlimited projects, multi-currency invoicing, powerful reporting, expense tracking, tracking time from Github, modern API.


Freshbooks ( Web / Mac / Android / iOS ) ( Starts $20/month )
Apart from being the most used invoicing application by freelancers, it also tracks time efficiently and it makes sense to have invoicing capabilities at disposal. It’s very feature rich application with features like team time tracking, team progress reports, variable projects pricing, easy export to Quickbooks.


Harvest ( Web / Mac / iPhone / Android ) ( Free – $12-$99/month )
Harvest is very well designed time-tracking application. It let’s you track your time and more like one click entry, reporting, invoice integration, managing budgets, sending professional looking estimates, file sharing etc.


Paymo ( Web / Mac / Windows / iOS / Android ) ( Free – $4.95/user/month)
The main features Paymo offers are automatic time-tracking using PaymoPlus desktop application, timesheet, reports, invoicing, team management, project management.

Solo ( Web / iPhone ) ( $14/user/month – $140/user/yearly )
Solo is actually made for freelancers with integrated tools for tracking time, project management, making quotes, invoice generation etc. The interface is a delight to use with responsive and well placed UI elements.


Chime ( Web ) ( Free )
Really straight forward time tracking features that allows you to track how much time it took you to your job. Send the results to your clients and earn your money.


Dayswork ( Web ) ( $10/user/month )
Designed and built by fine folks at Friends of The Web, Daywork makes it very easy for freelancers and teams to log their time and invoice their clients accordingly.


Motiv ( Web ) ( $15/user/month )
Motive markets itself as a all-in-one business solution for creative freelancers and agencies by including proposal, quote, invoicing, contracts, CRM, time-tracking, payments and expense components.


Freelancy ( Web / Mac / Windows / Linux ) ( $5/month )

Freelancy is straightforward responsive app for tracking time. Features include sync between devices, offline capability, reports and data export, invoices, timesheets.


Timecamp ( Web ) ( Variable $ )

Used by more than 300 companies Timecamp is another time-tracking solution. It is more targeted towards companies than solo freelancers. Features include attendace reports, timesheet,