10 Websites To Get Best Quality Wallpapers For iPhone

Retina iPhone Wallpapers

I spend at-least 2 hours on my iPhone a day, checking emails, playing games, texting etc. I love having simple great looking wallpapers on my iPhone. Though i use really minimal looking iPhone wallpapers on home-screen, but it gets boring after sometime and i find myself looking for new quality wallpapers every now and then. So i thought, why not put together a list of all the best websites where iPhone wallpapers are available for download for everybody.

When curating this list i was looking for creative and beautiful wallpapers containing awesome typography, abstract shapes, illustrations by creative illustrators, space and nature photographs.

All of following website have free iPhone wallpapers available for download. Please keep in mind that iPhone 3 and older iPhone uses 320x240px while iPhone 4 uses 640x960px as wallpaper size.


One of the best available iPhone wallpapers resource, containing quality illustrations wallpapers by some of the finest illustrators. Contributions are on invite only basis, meaning they include only the best artists. It was started in 2007 by Juan Carlos Cammaert. Here you can find wallpapers not only for iPhone 4 but also for iPad.

Poolga iPhone Wallpapers

iDesign iPhone

iDesign iPhone have quite a large collection of iPhone wallpapers with categories ranging from abstract, 3d, nature, vehicles to space, movies, girls.


Vlad Studio

You can find mostly abstract shape and illustrations wallpapers here.

Vlad Studio Wallpapers


Here you will find nice typographic wallpapers for iPhone and iPad.

Typenuts Wallpapers

I Love Typography

Again, another really good place where will find quality typographic wallpapers for your iPhone.

I Love Typography Wallpapers

Icon Paper

This website curates wallpapers from different places like Dribbble,deviantArt etc.

Iconpaper Wallpapers

Icon Factory

Icon Factory have some great looking wallpapers for iPhone / Desktop / iPad available for download.

Iconfactory iPhone Wallpapers


Awesome wallpapers for iPhone / iPad / Desktop made by Louie Mantia a visual interface designer from California.

Mantia Wallpapers

Flickr Group – iPhone Wallpapers

A open to all group on Flickr containing hundreds of iPhone wallpapers for download.

Flickr - iPhone Wallpapers Group


InterfaceLIFT offers wallpapers for every possible resolution. It even have wallpapers matching new iPhone 5 screen size.

InterfaceLIFT iPhone 5 Wallpapers

Bonus – Dribbble Search

You will find iPhone by individual designers.

Dribble iPhone Wallpaper Search